The Sam Hill Jr. Memorial Scholarship
The Sam Hill Jr. Memorial Scholarship was created in honor of the late Sam Hill Jr. in 2011. While planning the 2008 Anthony-Ivey Family & Friends Reunion, held in Atlanta, GA,  Hill suggested the committee utilize surplus dollars to launch a scholarship fund. Hill was known to many as the life and laughter of the family, and he especially had a passion for youth . He believed every child should achieve higher education.  As a testament to Hill's legacy and love of family, the Sam Hill Jr. Memorial Scholarship rewards our children love and support as they endeavor to forge new educational pathways, build careers and accomplish their dreams. Rev. Sam would be proud to see our relatives move forward while trusting in God and relying on family. 
Criteria and Eligibility
  • Descendant of the Anthony-Ivey Family (blood, official adoption, marriage)
  • Graduating High School Senior
  • Matriculating College Freshman attending a four-year university or college, two-year community college or trade school (i.e., plumbing, electrician, mechanic, culinary arts, etc.)
  •  Matriculating Service person joining the Military
  • Must show proof of acceptance or entry to an institution of higher learning or Military within one year of your high school graduation
  • List (3) volunteer service activities performed in your community during high school   
  • Must complete an application by the designated deadline to request a scholarship                  
    • See the application link below.
  • Attend Anthony-Ivey Family Reunion for scholarship presentation (when possible)
Note:  Retroactive scholarship funds will not be disbursed to family members who graduated from high school prior to the 2011 launch of the Sam Hill Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Amount

Each student who meets the aforementioned criteria will receive the same scholarship amount, thus removing all preferential or competitive stipulations.  Each eligible student will receive (1) $100.00 scholarship for their educational advancement (i.e., books, supplies, tuition, etc.).  

If you have any questions or concerns,  contact Corliss Hill at (404) 550-8893.
Sam Hill Jr.
Sam Hill Jr.